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Dec 5, 2013 4:00am EST
, and a very warm welcome to those just waking up in the u.s. i am guy johnson. >> i am francine lacqua. it is pretty cold in london right now. >> let's talk about the big day ahead of us in terms of macro news. the ecb will publish its decision today following last month's rate cuts, no changes expected. all eyes will be on mario draghi's inflation forecast. today.rojections jonathan ferro joins us with details. out,will say rule nothing that is what we learned last month. not many people predicted it. a lot of people thought the ecb would wait for another month of data on the inflation side. another thing was they thought they would wait until he got projections from the ecb itself. if you look at the eurozone and compared to the u.k., it is night and day. but the forecast for the ecb, they're looking for growth of 1% 1.3%.flation up that could be revised lower. we have protection -- we have 2015, anns to indication of what might happen further on. baby steps with for guidance, rates will stay low. you might get more color if you look at the projections. >> on inflation, talk us throu
Dec 6, 2013 4:00am EST
moving forward. ♪ >> welcome back. >> i am guy johnson, that is francine lacqua. ireland is set to exit its 85 billion euro bailout program next week. three years ago, ireland was rescued. it was the first of the eurozone bailouts to not need outside help. >> thank you so much for joining us. how are you feeling about december 15? it must've been a very difficult three years. you are out of the woods. it is going to be ireland on its own. >> i feel very good about it. we struggled. three years is a long time in charge of a project. we had our ups and downs. it has been positive for the last six months or so. you're confident that we will have success. we have significant cash buffers. we are fully funded. we will refresh are borrowing with the americans in january 2015. we're doing fine. a lot of people want to buy our paper. we sold a preference to the bank of ireland. 1.8 billion -- it was oversubscribed. a very good price, beyond our expectations. any time that we try anything which costs money, those international banks are backing -- we are pleased with that. >> do you think we wil
Dec 10, 2013 4:00am EST
lacqua. and -- >> and i am guy johnson. the data is not having an impact although the pound is pretty much unchanged. the u.k. economy is doing a little bit better. anwe have been bringing you interview with mark carney. you said five simple words describe our approach. we are open for business. >> we are not open for the but the openness, for business point goes back to this issue of an open global economy. one of the fundamental lessons we have taken from the financial needs and where the world to get to to have a more resilient financial system is we need more resilient financial markets. we need to fix the banks. thated financial markets are more resilient. they are more like the equity market. we did not like the prices of equities in the fall of 2008, though we can always get a price. we can always transact. you cannot transact in the global derivatives market. tens of trillions dollar markets that shut and brought the system down. beingmarkets are fundamentally reformed. that is where the central bank comes in. part of the reforms are the importance of collateral. people are ta
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3